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K9 Click tricks dog training in Tamworth
What can K9 Click Tricks do?

Hello I'm Steve,When training your dog I try to be as clear and straight forward as possible with a friendly and honest attitude so both you and your dog are learning at the same time. I make sure to show you how a practice exercise is done, explaining the thought processes before letting you the owner try for yourself. I have also completed the Kennel club good citizen dog scheme Puppy foundation assessment with my own dog Cezar.

Although I'm a dog trainer I also have to train humans! After all it's also my job to educate the owner why and when I do certain things. Here's just some of the things I can teach your dog:

roll over Wait Leave Heel on lead
Heel off lead Not to pull on lead Stop Jumping up Basic Hand Signals
Come - recall Sit Lie Down Play Dead
Road Manners (wait at curb)

Advanced Trick Sessions that can be taught include

Stand on hind legs Limp on one paw Retrieving mail or Items' of interest

K9 Click tricks can also teach you

Effective communication skills Body language skills for you and dog
Keep dog interested

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What our Clients think about us

"Our session yesterday focused on lead walking, I never thought it would be possible to get Thor to walk on his lead without him pulling my arm out of its socket, but Steve worked his magic yet again and the progress is amazing"
Mrs Jenkins from Polesworth.


What we're doing:

We're soon to be offering clients a professional Mobile Dog grooming service via "K9 Clippers" for your furry friend to enjoy a proper pooch pampering! From Clipping to Nail trimming, blueberry facials to bows and bandanas, we're certain you'll love how good they smell and look when they've been expertly groomed with a patient and understanding groomer.
Check out our Facebook page www.facebook.com/k9clippersdoggrooming and LIKE us, 

or to enquire for your dog to be groomed call 07875 736 998 today!

Steve from k9 Click Tricks and Cezar - the amazing performing dogWhat is dog obedience?

Dog Obedience training ranges from very basic training, such as teaching the dog to reliably respond to basic commands such as "sit", "down", "come", and "stay". For a dog to be considered obedient rather than simply trained in obedience, it must respond reliably each time the command is given, by what is commonly known as its handler.

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What is the clicker toy?

Dog Clicker ToyA clicker is a small hand-held training tool that's fun and simple to use, as it makes an audible “click” when pressed down to signal the exact point in time the dog does something right. This is usually followed by some form of positive reward such as a treat and or praise to encourage further success in the dogs training. Using this technique helps the dog become familiar with learning new things at a quicker rate, but as not to rely on it fully for obeying to all commands.

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K9 Click Tricks Dog Training Twitter Pagehttps://twitter.com/k9clicktricks K9 Click Tricks YouTube Pagehttp://www.youtube.com/k9clicktricks K9 Click Tricks Facebook Page for up to date info on our Tamworth activitieshttp://www.facebook.com/k9clicktricks

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Rates and Charges

What does the customer get for their money?

Introduction for clicker training is £30: For one and a half hours home visit (Family members welcome). This is to get to know a little bit about you, your best friend, and I can explain what I can teach your dog as well as any questions you have either on the day, I'm always available to contact by phone or email for support should you happen to have any queries after all we're only human! This should last around 30 minutes.

For the remainder hour I will work on going through custom training techniques tailored to your puppy/dog, laid out from what you want, to get the most out of your furry companion. Using the clicker I'll teach you the best way to use it and when NOT to use it.

After all, every dog and their owner is different. I believe that every dog has a potential to be a well behaved, calm, obedient dog, finding the key to unlock it is what k9 Click Tricks specializes in. Therefore there are no maximum limits on the number of sessions we can provide as age, temperament and experience all contribute to the speed of progression.

1-1 Puppy sessions: *8weeks old to 6 months old*: £30 for initial Introduction (week 1) with hourly sessions afterwards at £25

Includes: name familiarisation, body language behaviours, boundaries and limitations, stopping biting, sit/down/stand, stays, coming back to you on recall, settling down, drop it, leaving items/food, preparing for walks on lead with a calm temperament, lead work for close heeling on walks and off lead.

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1-1 Junior dogs *6 months+*: £30 for initial Introduction (week 1) with hourly sessions afterwards at £25

Combines indoor and outdoor work. Focusing on goals that the owner would like their dog to learn. This can include previous commands from Puppy sessions such as walking properly off lead if you the owner decide this is something that is a priority.

Includes: Boundry manners Letting you through doorways first), road manners (sitting at a curb before a release command to continue walking), retrieving objects, scent work, distance work (giving commands to your dog from afar), Duration work (asking for a behaviour/command with increased time), Distractions (remaining under control while subject to noise and movement), Target training (adding an outcome to a command such as ringing a bell to open a door), Directional training (Similar to gun dog training where the dog is guided by body movements and signals)

I'm currently based in Wilnecote, Tamworth and am able to travel within a 20 mile radius. Current costs include first 5 miles travel free, then 50p per mile. Please contact me for details.

Insurance – who with?

I will be will be covered by public liability and professional indemnity through The Kennel Club

Professional bodies?

Professional bodies for dog training in general include:

http://www.thekennelclub.org.uk The kennel club

http://www.bipdt.org.uk/ The British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers

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